29 October 2016

Food, Fun, & Film!

Call me a happy convert! I had been hearing about the Roadhouse Tucson Cinema for a long time but I had no desire to go there. I couldn't fathom that eating a real meal and having wait staff dashing around could possibly create a nice environment for watching a movie. I was all for the offering of alcoholic beverages at the theatre - Tucson's Loft does that and it's great - but didn't think that the serving of pizza, burgers, salads, and desserts was going to work out. Happily, I am wrong! The chairs are comfy recliners with sort of airline tray tables attached to one arm. You do have some distance from your neighbor and it was way better than I thought it would be. Check it out! And today I learned that a new location is under construction at Broadway & Houghton.

These framed prints are actually t-shirts that are for sale that display funny movie quotes. If you buy one and wear it, you get free popcorn every time you visit.   


  1. Well done! You went, you ate, you watched, you found a new love! Did you know that before it's makeover this theater was a "cheap seats" place to see first run movies at a discount because the place, though not awful, wasn't a high standard- Roni and I went there often because we were mostly poor! I remember reading about the idea to renovate it to this extreme and I admit I didn't think it would work and for the reasons that kept you away. Happy to see that it is a new GO-TO!! And now you might get one built closer to your side of town :)

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