23 December 2016

Our VERY merry office!

Every year we enjoy a wonderful tradition at our office just before Christmas. One of our coworkers prepares a traditional German Feuerzangenbowle! It is a dramatic and delicious flaming beverage. That white cone you see to the left is solid sugar and it is soaking in rum prior to being ignited and immersed in the brew. Yum! Cheers! It is similar to Gluhwein but I think it packs a lot more wallop! Click here for the recipe and a video! To your health!


  1. Is it sweet from all that sugar? I wonder how much of the alcohol in the rum burns off. Looks delicious though.

    1. It isn't as sweet as you might think. It has a rich, delicious taste but I wouldn't describe it as "sweet." A small cup of it really has a kick!