24 December 2016

Reindeer herd? I don't think so!

Those hoof marks are not from Rudolph and his gang.... my front yard was hit by my local javelina herd. They usually arrive between 2-4am and they tramp around in my front yard snacking on whatever they want. Mostly they munch a bite or two and leave. Unfortunately my beautiful (and NEW) Sweet Pea plant caught their collective fancy. The family herd ate ALL of my plant and drove my 2 dogs crazy. Not only did the herd eat every bite of my plant, they left a mess! Not quite the present I was hoping for to be left on my doorstep!

1 comment:

  1. Sweet peas are one of my favorite flowers. Shame on them for destroying it and making a mess to boot. They must be on the naughty list tonight!