03 February 2017

Day #2: Where is this?

02 FEBRUARY 2017

Do you know where this is?

Time again for a "Where is this?" contest! Here are two views of a very interesting piece of Swiss Cheese in Tucson. As frequent visitors know, the first person to identify "Where is this?" will win a "fabulous" TDP t-shirt featuring the expressive Desert Museum ram. Good luck!  

DAY #2..... here are some clues:  This cement cheese slice is west of Campbell and north of Grant.  GOOD LUCK! 

1 comment:

  1. No guesses from me, just Looking forward to the reveal!! If it was made of rubber, it might be a good piece of playground fun. Or is it a gate for three sizes of dogs? The Dachsund gets through at the bottom right. Larger breeds can jump, tuck and roll through the other 2 larger holes. Don't know about those smaller openings -- what a puzzler :)