28 February 2017

Such beauty on the wing ~

These jewels-on-wings are one of the treasures of the Sonoran Desert. We have many varieties of hummingbirds to enjoy here in Tucson. I THINK the top image is an Anna's hummingbird and I think the bottom one is a Broadbill. Anyone who knows more about these tiny fliers, please share your knowledge!
Photos courtesy of George Goldman. 


  1. The top pic looks like a Ruby Throated Hummingbird. That's the only kind I know from the Northeast and I've never seen one in Tucson. When I did a google image search these pics came up:

  2. Good Morning! I have been on hiatus for several months. . .long boring story. Came back and saw this wonderful post of gorgeous hummers. Great job photographing them!!

  3. Hi Kate! Oh I can't take credit for these beauties. They were sent to me by a friend, George Goldman. Gorgeous little creatures! Welcome back.