27 May 2010

Arizona's mining industry ~ strange beauty

I'm not sure I have the right term but I think this mountain of dirt is referred to as "waste rock" in the mining industry. This "Mount Dirt" is near the Pinal Air Park (about 45 minutes north of Tucson) where there is an active open pit mine. I was struck by the surreal beauty of this landscape. Unfortunately, the road was devoid of traffic so there is nothing to indicate scale here.


  1. It looks like a place where an alien spaceship would land.

  2. Save the Scenic Santa Ritas! Let's hope that if the new mine is approved, that our government officials will ensure that no shortcuts will be taken that would endanger our health and welfare.

  3. From everything I have read or heard, the Rosemont Copper folks are going "above and beyond" to accommodate the myriad requests to ensure water safety and minimal land scarring. I believe the jobs related to that mine will be really beneficial to the region. Let's hope!