03 May 2010

Bookman's Fantasy Murals ~ gone forever

Believe me, I never dreamed that this website would ever serve as any kind of historical record about Tucson but at least in this one case, it really will. Sadly the Bookman's store at Grant & Campbell has painted over all of their splendid fantasy murals to use the wallspace for..... advertising. Bob, Bob ~ what were you thinking???

So, here from my photo stash is the last of the medieval series that once enchanted store shoppers and Grant Road drivers alike. As you know from my previous postings, the staffers had named all of the mural characters. Depicted here is sweet Pip (Pretty in Pink) trapped in the tower as Evil Queen Wendy and Dr. Volt each scheme how to harm her. Assuring her of his love below is... who else but... Romeo.

These murals were a wonderful, quirky addition to the Tucson cultural landscape. I am very sorry that they have been eliminated. To see the whole series, click on the "Bookmans" label on the bottom of this post.

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  1. What a shame. I always thought the store was great because it was a little edgy and laid back. I never figured they would sell out like this.