12 May 2010

Lizards on the loose ~

This gorgeous tile mural is easy to miss and that is definitely a shame! As you head west on Wrightstown Road these lizards decorate part of the overpass where Wrightstown turns into Tanque Verde Road. You get a glimpse of them and whoosh - you're past them before you can even blink. The work is beautiful and the lizards are 3-D!


  1. Hi Sharon! I walked around it and didn't see any attribution as to who the artist is for this piece. I'm going to do more research and credit him/her if I can.

  2. I love it! Don't you wish they'd do that to all bridge and highway pillars? That would be cool.

  3. There's a nice little article about it here, if anyone is interested.

    1. Notes about the lizards:
      the lizards are actually meant to be desert spiny (Sceloporus magister) and Clark spiney (Sceloporus clarkii) (none are Sonoran Collared). We like to call all of them "Lloyd."