17 August 2011

Tucson's big boot ~

This 17' tall boot was formerly the landmark sculpture that denoted a famous old Tucson restaurant, The Tack Room. It began as the restaurant for a dude ranch and eventually was recognized as Tucson's first five-star restaurant. Sadly for resident gourmets and tourists alike, The Tack Room closed in 2003. The property is now a gated residential community.


  1. Nice boot. I used to live in Tucson in the summers, ending in 1952, and never saw the boot in those days.

  2. Hard to get rid of this boot!!
    How fun!

  3. Hi there, As I'm sure is obvious on this site, I LOVE outdoor art! Abe - the boot was probably installed in the 1960's when the Tack Room opened so it wasn't in place when you were still in Tucson in the 50's.