15 June 2012

Contest still on - where is this? Win a t-shirt!

Look familiar to you? Yesterday's "Where is this?" generated no correct answers. Here's a slightly wider view ~  If you are the first to identify this Tucson building you will win one of the "Monday Already?" t-shirts! You don't have to be a follower to enter - just use the "name" tab in the pull down comment menu.


  1. I know but I'm not telling. Surely someone out there will recognize it!

  2. Ellen~ You definitely ARE the Tucson building guru! Let's see if someone makes a guess today...

  3. We're looking pretty shabby out here in guess-land. Awww, come on, give us a tiny hint...major crossroads??! OK, that's not such a tiny hint, but it may come down to giving us a big hint if we continue to be stumped.

    Except for Ellen!

  4. I think Ellen deserves the T-Shirt.

  5. HELLO everyone ~ we have a winner! I rec'd a note directly to the TDP email box with the correct answer. Follower Nancy B from Tucson has identified the building as The Manning House. Built in 1907 for Tucson's mayor, it is now a venue for parties and meetings. More info is here:
    Congrats, Nancy!