26 June 2012

More Tucson - a gift!

As a result of this website, I recently received a gift! A Tucson writer, Marilyn Anne Pate, shared this book with me and some of her stories about growing up in Tucson. She arrived in Tucon in 1940 and has many memories of what Tucson looked like back in the day.

According to Marilyn, this book, "Above Tucson, Then and Now" was compiled by James Glinski and contains a forward by Roy Drachman. The original  vintage aerial photos are by Gene Magee. Mr. Glinski took the old photos and flew over Tucson taking photos from the same angles and put them together in his book.

What fun it is to go through the book and see how Tucson has changed! Wow - Thank you, Marilyn, for this lovely present. I hope some of the site followers will be interested in this book!


  1. That looks like a fascinating book!

  2. That is so cool that your blog moved someone to share that with you!

  3. That is so cool that you moved someone with your blog to share that with you!