10 June 2012

Golden dome on a healing campus ~

I wasn't able to locate info on the architect for the building but I did find a bit of other history. The Tucson Veteran's Hospital was dedicated in 1928. It had been built to provide WWI veterans with treatment to aid recovery from gas attacks. Tucson's clean, dry air provided an ideal setting to administer this treatment.


  1. Lovely architecture and beautiful color.

  2. What a calm, majestic building for such a worthy cause.

  3. Sorry for the late post. I haven't visited the site for a while so I was looking at past photos. I worked at this medical center in the 80s and it is the most beautiful medical building I have worked in. I think the architect is Roy Place. He designed a building that was close to where I grew up-the Benedictine Chapel. If you happen to be driving by, I would love to see a photo of that building. I get back to Tucson yearly to visit family but love to see the photos you take. It inspires me to visit some of the places when I go back.