13 June 2012

Wonderful room service (with a view) ~

You may remember the lovely just-hatched hummers that I had on the site on May 24. Here they are again thanks to Tucson photographer and artist, Cita Scott. AMAZING, don't you agree?
There are TWO little ones in the nest that mama is feeding. It's hard to choose a favorite from these four wonderful photos - they are all breathtaking. For info about Cita's art, click here.

Photos courtesy of Cita Scott.


  1. Truly amazing shots! it's a treat to see the process of feeding in the medley of photos.

  2. OUTSTANDING! Kudos to Cita Scott for her patience and stealth to get these remarkable shots.

  3. thanks again for posting pics of these little guys. I have a ton of hummers around my house, but doubt I'll ever be able to see their nests. thanks for sharing!