07 June 2012

Feel the love ~

Seems like every time I am in South Tucson I spot another gorgeous tile mosaic mural. This beautiful mural features lovebirds in many different colors. What a colorful and uplifting piece of public art!


  1. Thank you to the artists for creating their art under-the-sun for everyone to enjoy as they pass by during their daily lives. And thanks, Wordmaster, for stopping for a photo to involve us who are outside-of-Tucson! All the colorful dioramas (yesterday's Bar-B-Q), and these bright tiles, are so beautiful and inspiring...for story-telling, for meditating.

  2. Hi Elizabeth, Thank you so much for your nice posting! It really makes my day when I know that someone visits the site and sees a bit of beauty that they enjoy. Dianne

  3. Hello, Dianne! It's very nice to know your name...Please stay cool and keep hydrated during triple-digit June days :-)