10 December 2012

One size fits all Christmas shopping!

As the holidays get closer I just want to remind you that your purchase of a now-nearly-famous "Monday Already?" t-shirt or mouse pad benefits the AZ Sonora Desert Museum. Both gifts are UNISEX and are suitable for anyone on your shopping list who has a computer and/or wears t-shirts! Easy, huh? T-shirt is $16; mousepad is $6. I can ship them directly to your gift recipient if that makes life easier for you. And I'll tie a nice festive bow on your gift. You can buy them both on Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/TotallyTucson
Thank you and happy shopping!


  1. Has the goat had a nervous breakdown?

  2. Well, I had been watching him for awhile and took several "Noble Profile" photos of him. Then he just pressed his forehead into the wall. Maybe he was scratching. Soon he stepped away and began parading for the visitors again. Quite lucky for me to be there at that moment!