18 December 2012

The Three Amigos ~

Every year at this time Tucson Medical Center decorates their campus saguaros with Santa hats. It's a whimsical nod to the holidays that is particularly fun coming from a hospital. Thanks, TMC!  


  1. A great way to celebrate the season... do they stay so straight all season long?

  2. Extra happy to see a long tradition being carried on!! Now, have you checked out the Father Kino on horseback statue, to see if his ears (the horse!) has his little santa hats on?!

    Oh, and have missed the last couple of photos, so I'm now wishing you a belated HAPPY DECEMBER BIRTHDAY! I expect it might have been snowing back east on the day you were born?! In Tucson, not so much :-)

  3. Hi Elizabeth! YES I have been watching Father Kino and as of Friday he was still without his Santa hat but I learned today that his horse, at least, has had its little mini hats added. I'll try to capture them tomorrow. THANK YOU for the nice birthday wishes - I do tend to extend the celebration as long as I can. YES, it was snowing big time in Pennsylvania when I arrived in the world. (: