08 April 2014

Critter Center Queue ~

Here's just part of the crowd waiting to tour the new hospital at the Tucson Wildlife Center. The new hospital will enable the TWC to help even more injured wild animals in Southern Arizona. The construction of this beautiful facility is thanks, in part, to a generous bequest from the Sam Goldman estate.

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  1. Thanks very much - I've been enjoying these virtual visits to the TWC...it's fantastic to have this facility in Tucson! And SO needed in a city as big as Tucson is now., so much traffic and loss of desert habitat. Yesterday's Critter Board was very interesting to look at...15 Javelina are a lot of Javelina to take care of! And then what made me smile is the "dovelets"! A name for what's between an egg and a dove :-) Thank you, too, to Sam Goldman for this legacy.