21 April 2014

Patch of Purple ~

These homeowners created a delightful patch of purple with paint and plants!


  1. I don't comment too much, but thank you so much for all you do giving a daily snapshot of Tucson. I rarely comment, but I visit the site often (a few times a week).

    I'm an East Coast person who loves Arizona, especially Tucson. I've been to Phoenix, Sedona, Yuma, etc...but Tucson is a treasure of variety. From the national parks, to the outer "suburbs", to little pockets of amazement such as Agua Caliente Park...it's just heaven on Earth with all the amenities of a decent sized city.

    The wonderful restaurants, the cheap food, the nice people, the wonderful public art, the variety of accessible public spaces...I've yet to not have a great time in Tucson.

    The plant life (I'm a horticulturist) is just awesome even if it's a desert setting. The shades of green in desert plants are so varied in degrees we don't get too much on the East Coast...silver greens, blue greens, various shades of green in between...amazing....and when things are in bloom it's even more amazing, especially with the rich browns/reds of the desert floor surrounding them.

    This year wasn't an ideal winter rainfall year for wildflower blooms (a big reason I'm not visiting this spring), but it's still a wonderful place for color for those that choose to make it happen.

    It's hard to convince friends out here on the East Coast how vividly beautiful Arizona (especially Tucson) is because all they can picture is a barren, brown desert landscape...but that's their loss.

    Thank you.

  2. THANK YOU so much for writing this wonderful note! I have been doing this site for 5 years and many times I wonder who is viewing the posts (if anyone!). I LOVE seeing people commenting on the photos and I am so very happy that you enjoy this site. Thank you for writing! Dianne