02 April 2014

Tucson in full bloom ~

The prickly pear is ubiquitous in Tucson and typically we think of the green variety. This beautiful purple prickly pear is called the Santa Rita. It was discovered in (and named after) Tucson's Santa Rita Mountains. Gorgeous, isn't it?
Photo courtesy of Kathi Gardner.


  1. Those are some long spines! Beautiful photo!

  2. Yes it does tend to discourage the javelina! But it's very common to see prickly pear pads (both green and purple varieties) with crescent shaped bites removed - indicating a javelina was snacking on it....

  3. I just learned something new! I didn't know the "purple" prickly pears were native, thought they were introduced. They're beautiful with the pink blooms turning yellow, and those long, long spines...of course those aren't the ones that really hurt...have you ever had those tiny ones near the base of the spine get onto your hand?? OUCH! Javelina must have mouths like leather!