28 April 2014

Part of Truly's Fleet ~

Truly Nolan, the pest control company, has a fleet of beautifully maintained vintage cars that can be seen around Tucson. To keep it interesting, they rotate the cars all around town so that a given location will get a different car every so often. This 1960 Metropolitan is painted with hot rod flames. Fun! It's in the parking lot near the Gaslight Theatre.


  1. Pest control isn't quite what I'd expect would own a vintage cars, but at least the community gets to see these beauties!

  2. I'm so used to the VW Beetle Truly Nolan with the black mouse ears and tail, and I didn't know they had other types like this Metropolitan...which I had to research because I'd never heard of the make! It has a fascinating little history! This one looks like a baby dragon which I don't believe are very common as pests!

  3. Their collection of vintage vehicles is awesome! And what is really great for we non-car-types is that they always have the year and make painted on the car. Yes, their actual work cars are the VW Beetles with the ears and tails.... they are fun too, of course!