03 July 2014

Tucson 5 years ago ~

It's another "Throwback Thursday" on Tucson Daily Photo! Five years ago I posted this photo of the start of the monsoon season. This year we haven't seen a drop of rain yet - but any day now....

Another fun fact is that this restaurant, Chuy's, is no longer in business. It's a new restaurant with a sign that I can't read from the street - does anyone know what went in here?

Yep, the monsoon season is upon us. High winds, torrential rains, flooding, and spectacular cloud formations! Each year at this time I marvel how many people drive as though they have never seen rain in their life. Be careful out there!

Check out these dark rain clouds at the corner of Speedway & Country Club ~ Chuy's Baja Broiler.

Want to know more about the science behind the monsoons? Click here:http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/twc/monsoon/monsoon_whatis.php


  1. Had a sprinkle of rain in Corona de Tucson overnight. Hopefully Tucson proper will get wet soon!

  2. I look forward to it!! And my plants look forward to it, too!

  3. It is a photo taken from inside my car while I was stopped at the light. No Photoshop here! (: