30 October 2014

Mmmmm ~ holiday treat: Pickled Brains

Here is one of my fun ghoulish Halloween Party decorations ~ pickled brains! Mmmm....old family recipe!  (: Who knew that an innocent cauliflower could look so creepy?


  1. Ugh! Gross! I love it!

  2. Good job, you've made the pickled brains, now all you need to do is go to our local GROCERY store here and pick up a jar of pickled pig's feet! You say that's cauliflower in your jar?? OK,if you say so...heh--heh-heh....they're not very smart vegetables are they?!!

  3. Hey Elizabeth! For the party I am also making some bloody cupcakes with "glass" shards stuck into the icing. I'll post that pic for your enjoyment, too! And yes, it IS a cauliflower.