20 October 2014

October means BUGtoberfest in Tucson!

VW owners from far and wide come to the annual Chirco Bugtoberfest in Tucson. The event spans several days and they do a road rally, a huge BBQ, raffle and more! And it includes bugs, vans, Ghias, and sandrails and baja vehicles, too. Looking at all these VW Beetles made me miss mine - my first car was an orange VW Beetle. Loved that car!

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  1. I think everyone (of a certain age, ha) has a fond memory of these cars: My first boyfriend turned his Bug into a Baja...he LOVED to work on those cute little cars! Then I remember that my best friend's brother (who is 7' 4" tall!) took the front seat out and sat in the back to drive it! And funny you say you had an orange Beetle, because a very good high school friend had one that color too!!

    Good memories :-)