21 October 2014

'tis the season for...BATS!

Yes, bats! Real ones - not the little plastic ones you can buy at the Halloween shop! This flock (?) group (?) of bats was flapping around on a Tucson residential front porch recently and was startled by the camera flash which made them BATTY! (sorry - it was irresistible)
Photo courtesy of George Goldman.


  1. I know that bats are good for the environment, but that doesn't make me like them any better than I do!

  2. I know what you mean! Every few weeks they do a night time fly by and drain every drop of the nectar from my hummingbird feeders. They are SUGAR suckers for sure!

  3. A group of bats are called either a colony or a cloud. I prefer a cloud of bats because that's what it looks like to me when they are exiting under the Pantano wash bridge at sunset.