24 April 2016

Flower Pot Kids ~

Once again I had a mama dove set up her hatchery/nursery in my hanging flower pots! I have actually lost count now how many families have taken flight from those pots. Here is the newest mama and her two kids. Today I watched the kids practicing their flapping. Any day now they will be doing their test flights across the patio. 


  1. I have a family of doves in a tree next to my house. I can hear them cooing while I am sitting right inside the window they are near. Keeping my dogs (a pointer and beagle puppy)away from them has been a challenge.

  2. I know what you mean! My puppy, Abby, walks under the flowerpot and looks up but happily she hasn't made any attempt to investigate further! I am happy that the flowerpot is "THE" dove hatching spot in my 'hood! (: