15 April 2016

Friday Favorites ~

So I am trying to figure ways to hear from more of you regular visitors! I love it, of course, when you comment on the posts but I'm going to try this method, too. Do you have a favorite type of photo you would like to see/see again? I am thinking about starting a "Friday Favorites" feature that would be posts that you request. For instance, do you like photos of the historic barrio doorways? Weird cactus shapes? The many Random Weird Things seen around town?

I literally have THOUSANDS of photos to choose from that have been posted since the launch of the site. Any requests? Email me at: TucsonDailyPhoto@gmail.com and let me hear from you..... you know who you are!!  (: 


  1. I visit almost daily; always enjoy your pictures, what you choose to shoot/feature, and the overall presentation. I rarely comment (as you know): I try to stay logged out on Google and commenting requires me to log in apparently. I know you tried Facebook for a while, but things get easily hidden there, and there are tons of us who are fond of FB. IDK what the answer is! A forum would attract too much "other" stuff. but good luck, and know that you entertain, puzzle, and please many of us! thanks as always, Ellen

  2. correction, I meant we're NOT fond of Facebook!