01 August 2017

Tucson Dreams of Jeannie!

Tucson Trivia - did you know that the star of the popular '60's sitcom, "I Dream of Jeannie," was born in Tucson? Yep, Barbara Eden was born here in 1931. 


  1. I didn't know Barbara Eden was born there, what a cool piece of history! I was a huge fan of Jeannie, back in the 60s and one year at Halloween I begged my mom to get me that costume and she did (looking back I know now that we really couldn't afford a store bought costume, but mom found the money somewhere) and I GOT my scanty little floaty costume...oh, did I mention that I was born in Chicago and lived there til I was 10?? On that Halloween (being about 8 years old), mom dressed me as she knew I should be dressed for winter: I wore tights and snow boots and a huge thermal coat over the costume, haha! It was OK, because I KNEW the secret of who I was that night and I could wear it ANY day of the year (which I did, but not to school, though I begged)!! Ah, childhood :)

  2. Elizabeth! What a great story! And you know... you can still be Jeannie at a Halloween party! YES, growing up in Pennsylvania I clearly remember having to wear a coat over whatever magical princess outfit I was wearing!!! Oh boy!