07 August 2017

Welcome to August!

Welcome to the first Monday in August. In Tucson the kids are already back in school so summer feels over except for the 98 degree heat! I am always intrigued with beautiful doorways and gates so I have started posting more of them. This wrought iron beauty is the side entrance to Plaza Palomino at Swan and Ft Lowell. Looks like they are (again!) renovating - lots of "Space Available" signs. It's a retail mix of clothing and restaurants. I do miss all of the wonderful sculpture that once adorned the courtyard...


  1. I'm very happy that you'll be finding and showing us the beautiful doorways and gates that you discover around the Old Pueblo!! I LOVE seeing them :)

  2. My new neighborhood is a treasure trove of beautiful gates and doorways! I have a fabulous supply within a good dog's walk of my door! (: