12 August 2017

Day 3: Charming downtown eatery - all is revealed!

Day 3:  This beautiful sunflower mosaic is part of the charming patio decor at the lovely Cafe a la C'art adjacent to Tucson's Museum of Art. Never been there? Oh you are in for a treat!

Day 2:  OK - here are some  hints. The sunflowers are not real nor are they painted. They are mosaic flowers that decorate the outdoor patio of a popular restaurant. Now does anyone have a guess??

Hello everyone! It's time again for a "Where is this?" contest! Previous winners please step away from your keyboards for a day and give a new sharp-eyed site visitor a chance to be the first to identify this Tucson location. AND... winner receives a "fabulous" TDP t-shirt for correctly identifying this location. Good luck!