15 September 2017

One WILD ride!

When you are a bicyclist and you see a rattlesnake in the road, you definitely let it go on its way before you proceed. But then if it just sits there, you throw a rock (or two, or three) at it to get it to move along. Then, you might see the rattlesnake show real displeasure at having rocks hurled at it by curling up and letting you know to back off and just WAIT.

Photos courtesy of Ken Wilcox.

1 comment:

  1. Snake: there I was, basking in the wonderful heat of the sun on the hard surface "they" call road pavement and feeling quite drowsy, when suddenly one of "them" shows up, and it's the kind that has two legs AND two wheels (foolish evolution- does not make them better hunters, just faster at making their escape FROM the hunters). Anyway, "it" shows up and instead of rolling around me (I left plenty of room), it begins to hurl rocks! I was resting, "it" woke me up, so I got mad and shook my rattle. Good evolution right there -- "it" waited for me to slide (I hate the word 'slither') away and end this meeting. Another case of road rage that the reptile (me) thwarted...now to find another good napping spot...