16 September 2017

Contest time again! Oh boy!

You know the rules by now.... first one to correctly identify this location wins a "fabulous" TDP t-shirt! Anyone want to guess where this heroic lighted fish lives? Good luck! 


  1. YES, Roseann, you are once again the "Where is this" Queen! This restaurant is a Tucson classic and I love love love it because it is not a chain! Would you like another t-shirt to commemorate your all-knowing-ness or would you just like to bask in the Internet glory of identifying the location? (smile) Congrats, you smartypants, you!

  2. Well, believe me, Wordsmith, that was purely a wild guess. I have never been to Kingfisher. I think the photo in the background had a certain caché which made be think of chefs at the bar after hours...........
    Basking in Internet glory is more than enough for me. Thanks.