13 February 2018

Tucson Trivia - When Sentinel Peak changed names ~

Spurred by team spirit after a win over Pomona College in 1914 it was decided to turn Sentinel Peak into "A" Mountain. And thanks to students who used horse drawn wagons to haul water and mortar to the site, the "A" was built. Work was completed in 1916. The "A" is painted with UA colors (red and blue) and occasionally students from rival Arizona State University put their own colors on it in a clandestine night operation! 
The image is from a postcard of Tucson, circa 1930's.


  1. Many thanks for sharing this history of "A" Mountain, which I didn't know, and this fabulous postcard of the early Old Pueblo! Did anyone imagine then, that there would be a million folks living there by the end of that century? ;)

  2. Hi there! I'm glad you enjoyed the postcard. It has a funny perspective - looks like "A" mountain is as high as the Himalayas!!!