20 February 2018

The tail end of the story ~

In 2005 a mighty tile rattlesnake was created to sit on the median at Wrightstown Road at Pantano Road. The snake could not withstand the stresses of weather and traffic and over time it eroded until just the lonely head was left. Happily, a group of students was charged with restoring the snake and he is back to his original 64-foot glory. In fact, he's probably better than ever! And here is a link that shows the reconstruction of this mighty rattler. 


  1. I know Tucsonans like to be cynical about public works and such, but everyone ought to take pride in how good most of the public art in town is. The recent murals have been fantastic (Joe Pagac is one of the best in the country, Tucson is lucky to have him), and the efforts that businesses and individuals take to add art or at least funkiness to their surroundings are appreciated too.

  2. Hi David! Oh I love featuring public art on the site and this snake was one of my favorites. The original high school kids who built it didn't use concrete blocks for the structure (probably too expensive). I am THRILLED that this sculpture was restored!