04 May 2013

Fighting Back: Tucson's Villa Feliz Flowers

For those of you who frequent this site, you know that I sometimes do a "Team Tucson" post - someone who helps make Tucson a great place to live. Permit me today to introduce you to Georgeanne Fimbres, the 18th member of this elite group! Here she is in her just-reopened store after the shocking behavior of CVS Pharmacy drove her (and other long time tenants) out of her former retail site in El Mercado. For more info about THAT disturbing piece of news, click here. Tomorrow I'll give you a peek at the new store. It is now open for business at 6538 E Tanque Verde Road (behind Sakura). Phone is the same: 520.790.9500; www.villafelizflowerstucson.com


  1. Oh, like they need another CVS in Tucson! The first time I visited I was aghast! There has to be at least one on every block or every other block!

    I never use the CVS in my neighborhood. Ever since they laid off all their employees to make room for the self service registers (which I refuse to use). I only go to Walgreens now. Not that they are that much better but at least they still have employees.

    The heck with CVS.

    Glad she found a new place.

  2. I remember reading about how CVS just kept jack-hammering away to demolish the site and ignored all the tenants' requests (and, apparently, their lease agreements as well). I agree with you, Roberta, to heck with CVS! That retail center was charming. Too bad it's gone and replaced with a "little big box."

  3. What a great idea for a theme. I live the lovely portrait of this woman, too.

  4. I think I went to High School with her son. It is a shame that the chains have taken over. I am a pharmacist and have always worked in hospitals. I go to independant pharmacies for prescriptions to help them stay in business.