16 May 2013

3rd photo for "Where is this?"

OK! Here is the view of this interesting sculpture from the street. Kathy - you really know your way around Tucson! Elizabeth - yes, you got the street right. It IS Ajo. Cumulatively, you are close, very close to identifying this! Come on, detectives.... name it! (:


  1. I can't join in the guessing game, of course, but I like this sculpture.

  2. Oh my, I've figured it out...Kathy, you and I ARE on the right track, but like you I have also won before and I'd like someone else to have the chance for a cool t-shirt or mousepad!! SO, I won't reveal. Come on Tucson, thinking caps on!!

    1. I feel like we are on a mission to help someone win!

  3. As I very rarely am in that vicinity, I had to use the hints from Kathy and Elizabeth, then with the help of Google search and street level maps, I found it. (btw, the google link took me to an article in the AZ Daily Star from 3+ years ago). Hopefully all these ideas will help find a new winner!
    Ellen (proud tshirt and mousepad owner)