24 May 2013

Showing off ~

While walking around in Plaza Palomino even I had to stop and admire Tucson's beautiful, beautiful blue sky! If you are curious how this lovely shopping center's massive renovation is coming along, check my posts from the last few days.


  1. Oh yes, that blue sky. There is really nowhere else like it! I get a stiff neck when I am there from staring up all the time! LOL.

    I notice that you are getting a lot of spam too. I wonder what is up. I am getting all spam now on my blog and very few comments. Did something change?

  2. Hi Roberta, I wish I knew the answer to the stupid spam postings that are popping up on TDP. They are usually oddly worded (not smooth English) which makes me think it's spam from overseas. When I spot them I delete them. I even received a spam message post one day asking where his/her comment went from the previous day! Nervy!