09 May 2013

Tucson's Ghost Bikes - a Global Project

Tucson participates in the global initiative called "Ghost Bikes" - an effort to raise awareness of bicyclist fatalities on our roadways. Here's one of Tucson's Ghost Bikes at Udall Park. To see many photographs of this worthy project, click here. This bike honors US Air Force Lt Col Charles Nystrom.


  1. I have seen one or two in Sweden as well.

  2. I am familiar with these ghost bikes; always sobering to see them. Incidentally, I couldn't use your link.

  3. Hey Stefan! Nice to hear from you!

    Kate - thanks for the heads' up. I fixed the link.


  4. I didn't know about the Ghost Bike memorials, thanks for posting about it. I applaud Michael from the TucsonVelo site for beginning to visit, photo and update these bikes for the website.