05 March 2014

Ready for the big flood ~

We did have some rain over the weekend but not quite enough to launch THIS boat! I was tempted to use this wacky image as one of the "Where is this?" contest entries. I doubt if even Ellen or Kathy would know where I saw this!


  1. it was just in the paper recently! hope this attaches:


  2. btw, thanks for continuing the fun, informative and beautiful pictures! I don't log on often enough to thank you.

  3. Thanks Ellen for showing that great article about one man's life! I laughed at the fact that he lives close to a floodplain (my former job at Pima County was in floodplain management), and he is actually close to a VERY big floodplain...that boat in the tree would make an excellent cover shot for a booklet about "Waiting for the 100-year Flood"!!