29 March 2014

Don't call me a pig; it's HOG ~

When I first saw this great metal sculpture at the Desert Museum I thought it was a depiction of our local peccaries the javelinas (commonly and incorrectly called "pigs") but a staffer informed me that this is, in fact, a Warthog. Do check out its amazing eyelashes!


  1. Hmmm. I would have thought it was a javelina also. My mom saw two in her yard a couple of weeks ago. The neighborhood sent out a newsletter alerting everyone about them. Never would have thought they would be roaming in that area. Near Elm/Tucson Blvd.

    1. I'm surprised too - that close into town. I have a herd by me but I am way east by Old Spanish Trail. I see them frequently out my way.

  2. The scene: You see Harry Potter running through the desert museum, his wizarding robes flying behind him as he shouts to Hermione and Ron, "This way, This way!!" Then they are all running behind this creature who is just one of a herd, a herd obviously under a spell because they are all galloping backwards! Now, after your initial alarm at seeing the wizarding trio so far from home, it becomes obvious to you that all will be well, for these enchanted Warthogs are leading them to.....where else: Hogwarts!!
    LOL :)