09 March 2014

Time Machine Offers 4 Choices ~

On this interesting property tour, I've saved the Time Machine for last. The artist offers the time traveler four choices: 1/Return to your youth but know what you know now; 2/Return to your youth; when you come back you won't know now what you didn't know then; 3/Stay present in the present; and 4/Go forward to your old age; when you come back you probably won't remember much.


  1. I'd like ato own a time machine, but have no idea where I would like to go, so it's nice to be given four choices!

  2. Wordsmith, editorMarch 9, 2014 at 8:39 AM

    Hi Stefan! I'm doing some family history research right now and I'd like to go back and meet my grandparents and hear their stories.