27 March 2014

Tucson's Superhero - Spider Guy!

I love the Gaslight Theatre and am sorry I missed this one - "The Incredible Spider Guy" from last year. Outside the theatre are several of these fun "posters" where you can pose as the character and have your photo taken. In front of the adjoining restaurant, Little Anthony's, you can "be" Marilyn Monroe or Elvis. Fun!


  1. Love, love The Gaslight!! When I was visiting Tucson two summers ago, my friends and I saw "Gnatman"!! Every different production is funny, but even funnier when the cast is getting tired and starting to crack each other up! And WHO can resist the Olios at the end??!! Maybe you'll get to go this year!

  2. Hi Elizabeth! Oh I did go last year - to 3 of their shows but I missed the SpiderGuy one. I saw "The Lone Stranger," "Two Amigos," and "Scrooge." Honestly they are all so corny and so fun - I love that place! (And I also saw "Gnatman"!!! )