24 March 2014

Work in progress ~

This is just a small snapshot of what's going on in my backyard these days! Soil, fertilizer, pots, plants, trowel, shears, shovel, etc. etc. All with the hope that everything new will get firmly rooted before we start our "100 days of 100 degree days" weather! There is nothing quite as comforting as a pretty garden.


  1. At first I thought this was a photo of what's happening at Harlow's or Mesquite Valley Growers :-) Looks very official; here's hoping you have good luck with your green garden which always makes the 100 degrees feel a bit more tolerable!

  2. Hi Elizabeth! I would never describe myself as a "gardener" but I do love to putter in my garden. I am kind of a do-it-yourself, whatever-looks-good-at-Home-Depot gardener. I try to label my plants and bushes so I can remember what they are!! Lots of vines, lots of patio pots, too. (: Dianne