18 November 2014

An Aisle of Smiles and Wags ~

An aisle of Goldens!

Did you think pet photography was easy??

Did you say SNACK?

Can I have more than one?

His three amigos.

Stay! Stay!


I'm done! Outta here!
Every year the great folks from Rescue a Golden of Arizona host a "Bark in the Park" day. It's a picnic and a "Dog a Thon" all wrapped up like a party! And a fun raffle with terrific items is one of the highlights of the fun day. And, one of the nicest parts of the event is that people can talk about the pet friends that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. All pet lovers understand that deep emotion and this group provides a nice forum for it.

These folks do such good, loving work rescuing and fostering Goldens. Check out their website!


  1. Such beautiful animals, so loving and smart and soft! My best friend had one for years (Tex) and when it was time to eat he would pick up the bowl and BRING it to my friend's dad. No sense waiting for the silly humans to remember!

    Thank you Golden Rescue for everything you do.

  2. Don't know what is cuter - the goldens you posted today or the baby elephant you posted yesterday! Hard to choose....