13 November 2014

Something NEW at the Zoo!

Tucson's Reid Park Zoo has just introduced camel rides! As you can see, you are seated in a secure frame and a trained animal handler guides you around. No worries the camel will gallop away with you! FUN!


  1. This is a great series of photos of what's new at the zoo! Did you know there are now 2 video cams for the elephants and one for the flamingos, the lion, lemur (no, they're not all in one cage, haha!) You're the one who originally talked about it here, back a little while ago, or I never would have known. So I go back to them when I can and sometimes the animal antics are hilarious, like that baby elephant! I can tell what the weather is like, see folks walking by in shorts...uh, we are in a freezer out here in Mississippi and I'll bet your family on the east coast is just as frozen! Jealous, a little :) Send some warmth to us...I'll pay all shipping and handling :)

  2. Hi Elizabeth! I had to laugh when I opened the newspaper today and they announced the camel rides at the zoo as the new thing. HA! I scooped the paper in announcing it a day before they did!. (: