22 November 2014

Boot Babe ~

The Boot Bunkhouse on Pima recently had their mural changed on the building's face. Previously it was a line up of colorful boots. Click here to see the photo from 2010. I thought the new mural was really fun and it reminds me of the beautiful babes that were painted on planes in WWII. She is definitely a pin up girl! Then I read in the local news that the owner of this place refused to pay the artist, Darah L Sueme,  for her work. She had to threaten to paint over it to get paid. Happily, he paid the artist for her work and this babe stays. She does certainly perk up Pima Street! 

1 comment:

  1. Cowgirl up!! She's a real cutie with a vintage look as you said...Curvy to the max, but showing there's a tasteful panty under that skirt! Is this anywhere near the Bashful Bandit bar...does that even still exist?