02 November 2014

Ghoulishness continues ~

Oops! Had to steal an image of my Halloween Party cupcakes from the Internet! Before I could photograph them on their serving platter, they were half gone.....  Anyway, they were (bloody) red velvet batter (of course!). Yummy! 


  1. Half gone, in pieces and broken up, leaving a trail of blood red crumbs:) Your party goers ate up all the evidence of what you say were cupcakes made with sugar and spice and simple red food coloring!! Sure. Just as innocent as the cauliflower. :D

  2. Elizabeth, Elizabeth..... You are SURE I'm up to no good, aren't you?? (: Lots of people thought the pickled brains were great...in a gross kind of way! And the cupcakes... well, they were sweet (even if they did look a little like a crime scene). Would have loved having you at the party!!!

  3. And I would have loved to be there!...to investigate the crime scene (aha, you said it!), by goblin, er, gobbling up your kitchen (a.k.a. lab) tasty treats!!! You're off my radar now... until next year's Halloween party!! Glad you had a great time and lots of fun :)