18 March 2015

A Tucson postcard ~

These stripped wood poles, a chili ristra, and adobe walls capture the essence of historic and charming Tucson. I have a rose bush of the same type as the yellow roses in bloom in the background. I am hoping that mine will soon be in beautiful bloom, too!


  1. Sweet nostalgic sigh :) This photo is True Tucson and I feel as if I'm standing there, feeling the warmth of the sun and hearing the rough scratching of the palm fronds and the ristra as a slight breeze moves through.

    1. Hmmmm, a little homesick maybe?! Hope your rose bush is soon to launch into bloom!

  2. So - why don't you come to Tucson for a visit?? And I will keep you posted on my rose bush. It is looking pretty perky after a long spell of looking spindly and sickly.