17 March 2015

Aye ~ Top O' the Mornin' to You!

So my fair lads and lassies, wishing you a GRAND St Patrick's Day today! When I lived in NYC we always said that everybody is Irish on this day! But I do wonder about these pink flamingoes dressed in green spangled jackets..... not sure how Irish that is..... oh well!


  1. Haha!! Flamingos in Green Spangled jackets...Yes, everyone can be Irish even in the desert...Quite a while ago I was born and raised in Chicago and I could claim true Irish blood from a Great-grandfather who immigrated from the County Cork! Never did get to see the Chicago river dyed green, but my folks did. P.S. I love the sound of bagpipies!

    1. Whoops, that should be bagpipes... bagpipies sounds like a midget bagpipe (for lepracauns?!)

  2. Ah, fair lassie, yes, I can hear the wee notes now......!