29 March 2015

I had to finally give up ~

So you might remember in September when I discovered a mama dove in residence in my patio flower pots. Well, a few days ago I saw a twig pile in one pot. I removed it once, twice, three times. I wanted her to build her nest UP in my roof rafter. She didn't take the hint. The fourth day when I went to investigate I saw mama dove sitting serenely in the foliage. And when she was not nesting I took a quick peek and saw a pair of eggs so I guess we'll see twins again soon. And she lets me water the plants around her. She just watches calmly.


  1. That's wonderful that she came back to the same spot - or should I say same POT? (:

  2. Ah, Spring! The dove has chosen your yard as the nursery...the choice of cradle is also entirely up to the dove :) But she thanks you for your thoughtful though misguided intentions and allows you to water the plants around her! Obviously you think she is a duck.