24 March 2015

Just another day in Dog Land ~

This pet owner must have a pup like one of mine - a TUGGER! It's interesting that I have never seen a vanity plate in Tucson that is cat-related. Hmmm. Why do dog owners talk about their pets on their license plates and cat owners remain mum?


  1. Just like the difference between dogs and cats themselves! I think dog owners are more outgoing in general than cat owners.

  2. I've noticed that there are more dog vanity plates too...now although I like dogs, I am a cat person and here's a possible vanity plate for the purrfect feline: PRRFKT :) However, now that I look at it I think it sounds like I think a lot of myself and not of my cat!!

  3. I love comparing vanity plates with the drivers. Sometimes they make me laugh out loud!